Harry Judd off of McFly announces new fitness book

Someone point the desk fan in our direction. JESUS.

Harry Judd Get Fit, Get Happy

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So you know Harry Judd off of McFly fame? Well he's come a long way since the days of banging the drums with spiky highlighted hair and baggy jeans. He's now, like, really fit. So fit he's just landed a big ol' book deal and has just announced the release of Get Fit, Get Happy.

There's also a DELICIOUS promo pic that's decreased our overall productivity by about 87.5%. Cheers, mate.

Harry mate Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter have already done the whole book-writing-thang; and now he's penned a deal with The Coronet (an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton, just FYI.)

Harry Judd Get Fit, Get Happy
©Harry Judd

Harry's book's basically all about using exercise and fitness to combat those eeryday anxieties we all face. It's just all about getting those endorphins goin' and having a positive attitude, innit?

Chatting about Get Fit, Get Happy, Harry said: "I’ve used exercise to overcome the strains and stresses of some of the most difficult moments in my life.

"These are issues that I know many of us have, and I'm so excited to show everyone how it’s possible to use exercise in a way that is fun, fast and free to get your head in the right place, to feel good about life and to feel great about yourself."

Wanna see him explain in the form of actual MOVING IMAGE? Here you go, honey.

Well, if anything was inclined to make us exercise...



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