One Direction fans gush over Harry Styles in New York

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Harry Styles in New York

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We can't help but feel this is the calm before the Harry Styles storm, y'know? With One Direction officially on hiatus (boo), Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson already all up in the charts and Liam Payne teasing his solo music from the studio; you might be wondering where the hell Harry is.

Well WONDER NO MORE, honeybunch. Ahead of the release of Christopher Nolan's new Dunkirk movie this July, Harry's over in New York up to his old tricks. Those tricks? Turning Directioners into PUTTY IN HIS HANDS by being bloody adorable.

Oh, and showing off some substantial hair growth. 'Cause that's important to us.

Harry Styles in New York

The last we properly saw of Harreh was that brilliant solo Another Man magazine shoot late last year; and with his debut album apparently 'close' (his record label CEO-fella Rob Stringer said so) he's currently in LA looking like an absolute dreamboat.


Harry Styles in New York

Also if this was our mum and/or mate, we'd probably never speak to her again.

Harry Styles in New York

So what's Harry up to, exactly?

Oh, just driving fans batshit bananas with his oh-so-charming ways.

One fan he met (LITERALLY SO JEALOUS) tweeted: "My dad said to Harry "thank you I appreciate you" and Harry shook his hand and thanked him THANKED HIM."

Got that? Thanked him. Anything else? Er...

All in all quite eventful, really. Right, now where's this solo album son?


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