Harry Styles’ mysterious ‘Carolina’ lady has finally been REVEALED

It’s about us, soz huns


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Harry Edward Styles has been a very busy bee lately.

In the space of about two weeks Harold has dropped his beautiful debut album onto the world, released a WONDERFUL 'behind the album' documentary to go with it, refused to label his sexuality, spoken about his famous exes, shared his BREXIT opinions, worn the jazziest suits in every colour of the rainbow, said the most wonderful things about his fans (whilst also kicking one of them in the face with his Gucci shoe lol) and made us LOL very hard whilst co-hosting The Late Late Show With James Corden.


We're living in a Harry Styles bubble rn and we don't want it to burst. Ever.

However, there is one Harry Styles mystery that everyone is keen to get to the bottom of: will we ever find out the identity of Harry's mystery Carolina girl?


Harry has spoken about the fact that Carolina is about one lady in particular (from North Carolina, duh), has contacted her to let her know that she's on his album and even hinted that her name was included in the lyrics.

And even though we were all just wishing all along that he was singing about us, the Daily Mail have finally revealed Harry's Carolina girl's identity.

According to various sources, the song is all about Townes Adair Jones, who Harry went on a blind date while taking a break from recording the album.

These lyrics in particular also kinda confirm it all: "Moved all the way cause her grandma told her / 'Townes, better swim before you drown."


A friend of Townes apparently told the publication: "They were set up on a blind date and it was sort of a natural thing, they really hit it off.

"They only met the once but both had a memorable night, so memorable that it inspired Harry to write a song about her.

"Townes is still spinning over it, it was a shock, such a surprise."

It’s also claimed that Townes currently lives in LA and is a French and Philosophy student at UCLA.

Her friend also revealed that even though she's a very private person, she thought the song was 'adorable.

She's also breathtakingly beautiful because of course she is:

We're so insanely jealous.

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