Harry Styles has a new girlfriend! Maybe! You decide

Harry Styles is rumoured to have a new girlfriend in the form of Brazilian singer Anitta and here's the evidence!


by Owen Tonks |
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We all know One Direction's Harry Styles likes the ladies, or at least, has been occasionally photographed in close proximity to ladies, but now he's been spotted hanging out with Brazilian singer Anitta and everyone is convinced they're in LOVE.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, we'd like to hold a mock trial with you as the body language judges because, from where we're sitting, the evidence looks pretty... sparse. Especially considering she then posted a fun video with another One Directioner (Niall) soon after (see below).

But back to Harry and his flirting - Anitta (whose real name is actually Larissa de Macedo Machado) instagrammed a photo of them both looking confused (is that flirting? Are we doing it wrong?) so take a look and we'll see if we can't get to the bottom of this very puzzling, deep mystery.


As we all know, looking confused and having a photo taken means that you're definitely flirting. Which is why, when we go round to our nan's for a Sunday roast and she insists on taking a photo of us, it's so goddamn awkward.


Oh my god, Niall! You're also going out with her? This is unexpected and upsetting.

VERDICT: Harry Styles is not going out with this girl. And did not flirt with this girl. And neither did Niall. So don't worry, One Direction fans.

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