Harry Styles’s reaction to this Kendall Jenner sex joke is HILARIOUS

Bit awks, Hazza hun?

Harry Styles

by Polly Foreman |
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We at heat, like every other rational member of the human race, are very much in love with Harry Styles.

We’re constantly torn between the (very disparate) emotions of happiness and empty sorrow when we hear he’s got a new girlfriend (like Tess Ward now – find out all about her here).

On the one hand, he’s bloody lovely and we want him to be happy. But on the other, WE’RE PERFECT FOR YOU, HAZZA, WHY CAN’T YOU SEE IT?! GODDAMNIT.

One of the gals he’s been linked to is Kendall Jenner, and it all got a bit awkward when James Corden made a sex joke about her on The Late Late Show.

Harry Styles

While Aaron Johnson was telling James and Hazza about his chickens (as ya do), he mentioned that they were all named after the Kardashians.

Harry Styles

He then listed all the names of the chickens, and when Aaron mentioned Kendall’s name, Harry took an awkward sip of tea.

Harry Styles

Aaron (sidenote: he looks hella different since Angus Thongs doesn’t he?) then went onto say that they “lay everyday”, to which James then asked Harry: “Do they lay every day, Harry?”

Harry Styles

Harry then swiftly turned his head away, because he is far too media trained for all this nonsense.


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