Harry Styles loves Christmas Pudding ice-cream so much he’s demanded it’s made out of season for him


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by Emmeline Saunders |
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We're kind of worried about breaking the internet by writing this, but Harry Styles loves ice cream. He loves ice cream so much he wants it in, on and around him at all times. Harry Styles literally screams for ice cream. His favourite flavour is Christmas Pudding, and he loves it so much he's demanded the company that makes it keeps churning it out for him year-round.

Yep, this week the One Direction star was spied at the Great Budworth Real Dairy Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire, which according to its website also boasts several varieties of rare breed chickens AND a friendly goat AND Harry Styles eating out-of-season frozen dairy products. WE WANT TO GO TO THERE.

Hazza was out with his mum, Anne Cox, and reportedly left with tubs and tubs of ice cream to keep him going. Or potentially have it on hand for the next time bandmates Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson get the munchies…

A source told the Mirror: "Harry was there for about an hour - he's a massive ice cream fan.

"His favourite flavour is Christmas pudding, which they only do in December. But staff always make him a special batch so he can take away a few tubs."


It's good that Harry's taken time out of his busy schedule, because as well as dealing with a gruelling world tour with the rest of the 1D lads, he's also been setting up his sister Gemma with Niall Horan.

As heat exclusively revealed in this week's mag (out now for the BARGAINOUS price of £1), Gemma's had a bit of a crush on Nialler for a while and Harry reckons it's the right time for them to get to know each other better. EXCITING!

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