Does Harry Styles have a new job as a STRIPPER?


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Despite the fact that the One Direction boyz are taking a break from the boyband stuff and doing their own thang, they've been VERY busy this year.

Zayn Malik has been producing bangers and smashing up proper expensive hotel rooms, Liam Payne is now a daddy and Harry Styles has finished up filming for Dunkirk.

Oh, and he ALSO released his debut solo track incase you've been living under a humongous rock and had no idea.

He might be grabbing all the headlines at the mo because his song is an absolute CHOON, but it seems he's already thinking about a last-minute career change. As a STRIPPER.

Oh yes, the butterfly-tattooed beauty is apparently giving it a go, much to the delight of - well - everyone.

But don't get your hopes up TOO much, because it might just be for a Saturday Night Live sketch. Sorry.

harry styles

According to Hollywood Life, Harry is set to appear on the show tonight and one of the proposed sketches will see him baring all as a sexy tease.


“The ideas also ranged from being a drunk guy or a stripper, which would definitely add to the comedy routine,” a source said.

SNL really wants him to be a part of at least one skit this weekend.”

Harry is set to perform his new song, Sign of the Times, on SNL, and though musical guests rarely get involved in the acting sketches it sounds like they're pretty keen to get him on stage, and apparently he's "game for anything".

We've got our fingers, toes, arms, legs and everything else crossed that this happens.

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