Harry Styles quits drinking for Christmas

One Direction’s Harry Styles has sworn off the booze for the festive season


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Harry Styles has revealed that he has quit drinking for the holiday period, despite December being most peoples’ booziest month.

We wouldn’t blame Haz for wanting to let his hair down after a busy year of touring the world, bringing out a new album and releasing One Direction’s autobiography.

But rather than getting merry over Crimbo, Harry has decided to put his health first.

Speaking at the Glam Rock Christmas Party, the 20-year-old said: “I’m on the wagon for fitness reasons. I work out really hard and the quickest way to see results is to cut out the booze – especially wine and beer.

“If anything, I usually have a vodka tonic but I’m totally dry for Christmas.

"It’s the worst timing because everyone’s partying but I’m testing myself.

"Ice-cream is off limits too – I love it so much.”

Good for you, Harry!

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