Harry Styles reveals the ‘magic’ drink that helps him stay slim

Appaz this liquid helps him fit into women’s jeans


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Harry Styles is handsome fella with hair spun from the harp strings of angels. Probably. He’s also well on his way to being a reincarnation of the legendary Mick Jagger, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he has a cute little shrine to him that he takes on tour.


But how does Harry achieve his trademark look? Well, he's revealed exactly how he stays so slim, and it sounds like it would be a little hard to stomach.

Speaking to the Sunday Times Style magazine, Harry explained that he’s only able to stay fitting in 26-inch waist women’s jeans because he drinks “bullet coffee”.

“It’s black coffee with a spoonful of butter in it and a spoonful of coconut oil, all mixed up together,” he told the mag.

“I’ve been on it for two days. You don’t get hungry.”

Harry: "'Ere, pass the Anchor, mate"

His One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson is a bit more straightforward when it comes to diet – he actually swears by a good ol’-fashioned Greggs to meet all his nutritional needs.

“Sausage roll and a steak bake. Can’t beat it,” he said, northernly.

1D played the last gig their On The Road world tour in Sheffield at the weekend, after spending the last four years travelling around the globe.

They’ll now be appearing as a band just a few more times before their hiatus in March next year – although they’ve all promised this isn’t the end of One Direction.

Harry Styles' hairiest moments


Harry Styles' hairiest moments

The X Factor curls1 of 21

The X Factor curls

Hazza had a full head of curls when he first rose to fame on The X Factor

Wind hazard2 of 21

Wind hazard

It doesn't seem to cope too well with the wind...

The Styles comb over3 of 21

The Styles comb over

He's definitely not going bald but he is a fan of the comb over

Wigging out4 of 21

Wigging out

Technically not his actual hair but it is LOLZ

Rock 'n' roll5 of 21

Rock 'n' roll

Looking quite the rock star, Hazza!

Hats a good look6 of 21

Hats a good look

Sometimes his hair's so wild he has to tame it with a, er, hat

Slick!7 of 21


It didn't take long for the One Direction star to grow his hair out after his X Factor days

Getting longer...8 of 21

Getting longer...

As Harry grows, so does his hair

The mega-parting9 of 21

The mega-parting

Harry's hair up close really is something - check out that parting!

The swoosh?10 of 21

The swoosh?

We're not quite sure what to call this look but his hair is kind of swooshed back. Doesn't he look cute with his little flower?

The swoosh curl11 of 21

The swoosh curl

A bit like the swoosh but with extra curl for extra volume

Super long12 of 21

Super long

Harry eventually grew his curls out and is loving his mega-long hair

Luscious13 of 21


Maybe one day his luscious long locks will go as far down as that opening in his shirt

Safety first14 of 21

Safety first

Is Hazza's hair now so long he has to wear glasses to keep it out his eyes?

Tied back15 of 21

Tied back

It's so long he sometimes has to tie it back with a bandana

Totes a pro16 of 21

Totes a pro

The bandana is particularly useful for when he needs to keep it out of his face on stage

Covering it up17 of 21

Covering it up

If Harry's having a particularly bad hair day, which we doubt is ever true, he can just plonk a hat on his head

The man bun18 of 21

The man bun

Quick, simple, easy

Keeping it casual19 of 21

Keeping it casual

When Harry wants to stay relaxed for meeting fans, he can just tie it back

Keeping it under control20 of 21

Keeping it under control

But being the savvy, hairy guy he is, Harry knows when to get a bit of a trim

It goes with anything21 of 21

It goes with anything

When Harry went to the British Fashion Awards he proved his long hair can even look smart

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