Harry Styles stops hysterical fan having a panic attack after paramedics fail

Harry Styles can now count miracle worker as one of his key skills on his CV.


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The Night Changes singer came to the aid of young fan after paramedics spent two hours trying to calm her down after she started having a panic attack after meeting the band at a book signing in London.

Even the trusty ‘deep breaths into a paper bag’ trick didn’t work. It was only Harry who could make it all better.

“It was like a scene from a film,” an eyewitness told the Sun. “Harry hopped over the railing and ran across to see if she was OK.”

“The girl was in hysterics but the moment he gave her a hug she began to calm down. He was a proper gentleman, taking her in and telling her everything was going to be OK.”

Harry's magical embrace ended the poor girl's panic attack
Harry's magical embrace ended the poor girl's panic attack

After the incident, the girl tweeted about the moment Harry became her knight in shining armour, writing:

“Harry broke through the security barrier, despite security not wanting him to hug me.

“For three minutes we just held each other and said we loved each other.

“Words cannot describe how genuine, kind, loving and caring that boy is. I love him with every single piece of my heart.”

Aww, Harry. Is there anything you can’t do?


FOUR One Direction song-by-song

Steal My Girl
1 of 12

A song about everyone wanting to get with the 1D boys’ girlfriends. Danny DeVito was in the video for this anthemic lil number which is a bit alright. Liamu2019s soulful vocal gymnastics are really quite cute too. Given it's a One Direction song, there's a definite lack of 'nah nahs' but apart from that it's a gem.

Ready To Run
2 of 12

The riff sounds a little bit like Avicciu2019s wake me up, but DON'T WORRY. 1D aren't ripping anyone off, it all changes and it becomes clear this is very much a 1D original. The lyrics are a bit vague- pointing to a weird kind of Directioner philosophy about u2018chasing the sun’ ( reference to the now defunct boy band The Wanted) and implying that they want to run somewhere very, very fast. And that theyu2019re ready. Whatever that means (but who cares, right?).

Where Do Broken Hearts Go
3 of 12

Has the same vibe from their last album, we can imagine them jumping around and high-fiving each other in a super-cute goofy-like fashion. u201cNow Iu2019m searching every lonely place, every corner calling out your name.u201dAsking the age old question (first posed by the legend that was Whitney Houston ) u201cwhere do broken hearts go?u201d. Harry also co-wrote this song, and lord knows heu2019s left a trail of broken hearts.

4 of 12

This track was written by Ed Sheeran and Passenger so how can it possibly be anything but perfection, right? But who is about? Which of the boys as been in love since they were 18? SO MANY QUESTIONS? The breakdown is pretty epic and we can totes imagine Niall (the token guitar player) rocking out with the actual 1D band to this.

Girl Almighty
5 of 12

Hey, so this song is pretty cool. You can clap your hands to it and get a cool little bluesy, lyrical echo on the go. Plenty of, erm, religious undertones too if youu2019re into that kinda thing, and some rather interesting balloon imagery (yup, us neither).

Fools Gold
6 of 12

The whole band gathered around to write this one, contributing to what has turned out to be a bit of a labour of love on the boys’ part. Such deep lyrics though. u201cIu2019m not done falling for your foolu2019s gold.u201d Who might this be?? Someone who isnu2019t all they appear to be? A reality star maybe??? You said it not usu2026

Night Changes
7 of 12

The second single from the album, the boys debuted this during Fridayu2019s Children In Need. Itu2019s all about dreams and how they're not real, even if they come true. Despite what happens youu2019re still the same person deep down etc. So deep lads. Way to bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles.The band wrote this one together too, meaning that despite their life changing overnight theyu2019re ALL still the same down-to-earth lads, OKAY.

No Control
8 of 12

Well this snazzy tune has a cool lil guitar riff. Itu2019s all about having sex and not being able to resist your S.O. Inneresting. The bass guitar sounds almost ska-like, have the lads been listening to Gwen Stefani of No Doubt?? Obv, it def sounds like One Direction, but weu2019re scouring for clues on how Louis and Liam wrote this cheeky track.

9 of 12

Again, a bit of a rock n roll guitar sound, have the lads been watching old 50s movies?? Buddy Holly would be so, so impressed. It sounds like a funkier version of Little Things without the cringe-inducing lyrics about squeezing into a pair of jeans that are clearly too small. The main gist is that it's about being with someone for so long nothing can come between you; youu2019re u2018fireproofu2019.

10 of 12

So many echoes in the first few bars, like they sang this in an empty wardrobe. They sound so sad, so depressed. Do you lads want a hug? They're all intense and angsty, singing about stubborn lovers who just wonu2019t GIVE IT UP. Can you imagine ever fighting with the likes of Harry and co??

Stockholm Syndrome
11 of 12

So Harry Styles wrote this one, which makes it pretty spesh. Itu2019s about being u2018tied down’ in a relationship but totally loving it. Cu2019mon now, is this about Kendall or Taylor??? Judging by the intensity of the lyrics weu2019re guessing TayTay. But have you heard her latest album? Itu2019s like theyu2019re having a chat through platinum records, which in the world of international popstars is the equivalent of an indirect Facebook status.

12 of 12

Mysterious and moody Zayn helped pen this track, and despite his demeanour it's a bit of an upbeat, soon-to-be arena anthem. Although the title is fluffy and light (Clouds: where Care Bears cavort), itu2019s all fast riffs and u2018wooohooou2019ing. With wise lyrics like u2018love is always changing’ and u2018another non-stop where it never endsu2019. Tragically, this is the last track on the album, weu2019re totally in the clouds now. Never, ever bring us back down 1Du2026

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