heat helps Ed Sheeran get a pizza named after him!

You're welcome Ed.

Ed Sheeran

by Maria Vallahis |

In *heat *magazine last month we reported that Ed Sheeran took Nicole Scherzinger on a date to Pizza Express after a gig - you know 'cus Ed's all normal like that - and now they've only gone a named a RUDDY PIZZA AFTER HIM.

We want to taste it NOW.

A friend of Ed's told heat: "Ed's a man of simple pleasures. After the gig, he ordered Pizza Express takeaway fir him and Nicole and they drank supermarket-brand vodka mixed with fruit and barley squash [a bit like that drink you make when you've run out of mixers at the end of a party].

"It doesn't sound like much, but she loved it."


You're welcome Ed Sheeran!

Pizza Express tweeted the *Thinking Out Loud *singer "We named The Calabrese 'The Ed Sheeran' in Birmingham this weekend. We can confirm @edsheeran has eaten himself!"

After we revealed Ed ordered Pizza Express they tweeted him saying: "Now is the time, Eddie - come and eat yourself! Love from Pizza x."

"I'm en route from Spain but il get someone to grab it and I'ma YAM down on it shortly," Ed responded.

The Ed Sheeran!

The pizza company then tweeted the singer requesting him to send them a picture of himself, eating, erm himself.

Brilliant. Well done us.

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