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We reveal who's giving you some slightly odd funny feelings


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That familiar flush of red cheeks, that rising heat that you feel from your toes to your brows, the sudden dryness in your mouth. These are all perfectly normal symptoms of a Secret Crush – and when it comes to sexiness, one size/hair colour/jawline certainly does not fit all. We asked you to tell us which unsuspecting stars have been making you weak at the knees, and you – dear, strange readers – voted in your thousands.

Here’s your pick of 2019’s top totty:


heat's Secret Crush 2019 shortlist

Dr Ranj1 of 25

25. Dr Ranj

Those eyebrows, those cheekbones, that smile, that little wiggling TUSH. As well as a sensational dancer, he's an adorable human – and he can cure our hangovers with his doctoring…

Thanos from Avengers2 of 25
CREDIT: Facebook

24. Thanos from Avengers

Right, we're not entirely sure where you're coming from here readers. Spoiler alert, he kinda wiped out half of humanity… does that turn you on?

Kurt Russell as Santa3 of 25
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23. Kurt Russell as Santa

Santa has always had a touch of naughtiness about him, but never more so when he was being played by the twinkly-eyed Kurt Russell. Ho ho ho indeed.

Greg Shepherd4 of 25

22. Greg Shepherd

Not only is he a doting father to the adorable Nellie and Arthur, he's a thoughtful husband too. It helps that Greg proposed to Billie Faiers in the Maldives with a giant Hatton Garden diamond ring.

Eamonn Holmes5 of 25

21. Eamonn Holmes

It's not just that we love Eamonn's Irish charm, we also think Ruth would probably appreciate it if we took him off her hands for an afternoon every week.

Romesh Ranganathan6 of 25

20. Romesh Ranganathan

Mostly the object of ridicule in A League of their Own, we have a lot of sympathy for the often harnessed and lycra-ed up Romesh. But that Stormzy moment did something to us… down there.

Neil Jones7 of 25

19. Neil Jones

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride… but not in our eyes. He may be yet to have a celebrity partner on Strictly, but he's a star in our books.

Matt Baker8 of 25

18. Matt Baker

From baby-faced Blue Peter presenter to – well – baby-faced Countryfile presenter. We'd have a country dog walk followed by roast dinner date with him any day.

Richard Ayoade9 of 25

17. Richard Ayoade

You know the one, Richard is the man that your mum thinks is a bit odd but you inexplicably have an overwhelming desire to become his Travel Lady.

Ed Sheeran10 of 25

16. Ed Sheeran

He may be taken but we're perfect-ly fine with it, married life suits Ed. Not only does he always have a smile on his face, but he posts many cat pictures and we're good with that.

Jake Wood11 of 25

15. Jake Wood

Four-time winner in the heat polls, Jake is a champion of champions. That raw animal magnetism just keeps you all coming back for more, and we ain't judging.

Francis Boulle12 of 25

14. Francis Boulle

When Francis rocked up on the first series of Made in Chelsea we weren't sure he'd last one episode. But that posh boy has wriggled his way into our hearts and is here to stay.

Louis Theroux13 of 25

13. Louis Theroux

A life with Louis would probably result in some very interesting situations but it'd be totally worth it to hear him enlighten you on the state of the world.

Penn Badgley14 of 25

12. Joe Goldberg from You (Penn Badgley)

We certainly don't approve of his stalker-y ways but since he's fictional, we wouldn't mind paying his glass cage a visit.

Rob Beckett15 of 25

11. Rob Beckett

The comedian's teeth are brighter than our future and we can't wait for him to teach us about dentalcare all day long. And make us laff our socks off.

Greg Davies16 of 25

10. Greg Davies

Not going to lie, we envisage our whole lives with Greg Davies just being one big piggy back. Imagine the wonders you could see from up there. A worthy member of the top 10 club.

Harry Redknapp17 of 25

9. Harry Redknapp

King of the Jungle and King of our hearts. We would act on this crush if it weren't for that fact that we love Harry's love for his wife, Sandra, more than our love for the man himself.

James 'Arg' Argent18 of 25

8. James 'Arg' Argent

Anyone who can put up with the GC on a daily basis has got to be some kind of saint. And he can belt out a Frank Sinatra with no effort at all. Dreamy.

Noel Fielding19 of 25

7. Noel Fielding

This charmer can simultaneously pull off a goth hair do and a neon ice cream print shirt. He's like the boogeyman you want to come and visit you in the night…

Ant McPartlin20 of 25

6. Ant McPartlin

The controversial Geordie has most likely ended up on our list again in the same way that he won the NTA for Best TV Presenter… as in, we have no idea.

Dave Vitty aka Comedy Dave21 of 25

5. Dave Vitty

The Hits Radio host has made the top five, and no wonder – anyone who has managed to get the word "Comedy" as a permanent fixture in front of his name is alright by us.

Phillip Schofield22 of 25

4. Phillip Schofield

Look up silver fox in the dictionary, and you'll see a whole page dedicated to the national treasure that is Schofe. Looks great in technicolour too.

Declan Donnelly23 of 25

3. Declan Donnelly

Dec more than proved himself this year when left Ant-less. Whether it was cracking jokes in the jungle or being an adorable dad to baby Isla, we loved him – an honourable third place winner.

Lee Mack24 of 25

2. Lee Mack

A GSOH is clearly a big turn on for you lot, which explains why Lee ended up your Secret Crush runner up. His SSS probably helps too… (Sizeable Showbiz Salary).

Piers Morgan25 of 25
CREDIT: heat

1. Piers Morgan

This has got to be one of those love/hate things, right?! Come on readers, tell us you voted him because you want to sit him in a room and lecture him on manners?

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