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Walliams as Theresa May? STRONG (and stable)

Stars Dress Up 2019

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As is tradition, we asked our celeb mates to poke around in a dress-up box and recreate the most iconic images of the year. And they went bigger and better than ever before...

Check out heat's Stars Dress Up 2018:


heat's Stars Dress Up 2018

Alan Carr as J-Lo1 of 5
CREDIT: heat

Alan Carr as J-Lo

"You know I would do anything for heat. Two years ago, I went full frontal as a man when I was Orlando Bloom and the lovely David [Walliams] was Katy Perry, so I thought, "How can I push the boundaries? How can I stretch myself for the heat readers?"So, I went full frontal as a woman! And the experience was lovely, although I do wonder if J-Lo's cape was as itchy as this one. Honestly, it was so scratchy, it was as if my psoriasis had come back – like wearing green eczema. "Also, because I had no protection underneath, I felt like the material exfoliated my private parts – they're looking much younger now and have a vibrant glow."

Megan Barton-Hanson as I, Tonya (Margot Robbie)2 of 5
CREDIT: heat

Megan Barton-Hanson as I, Tonya (Margot Robbie)

"I loved dressing as Margot Robbie in I, Tonya – it's an amazing film. I want to keep the fringe – it's stunning and Wes is going to love it. "I couldn't believe when I found out Margot was a Love Island fan. She hasn't been in touch, but hopefully after seeing this, she will be. I'm going to tag the shit out of it on social media!"

David Walliams as Theresa May3 of 5
CREDIT: heat

David Walliams as Theresa May

"Theresa May coming on to Dancing Queen at the Tory Party Conference took some balls. It is actually one of my favourite songs – when you hear it, you have to get up and you cannot stop dancing. I like the awkwardness of the image, because it's like she's doing dad dancing even though she's a lady. "I think she was trying to embrace her fun side, but I'm not sure it totally came off. But, you know, this time next year, she's going to be on Strictly, so it's a good start!"

Vicky Pattison as Victoria Beckham4 of 5
CREDIT: heat

Vicky Pattison as Victoria Beckham

"This has been a dream come true. I bought my first-ever Victoria Beckham dress five years ago with the hopes of slimming into it. It was £3,000 and, spoiler alert, I never slimmed into it. But I bought another one and it's beautiful. She's very talented. "I've done such a good job, maybe Geri and Baby will call and be like, "Listen, Vicky B's not into it, what's Vicky P saying?" I don't know if you've heard, but I've got pretty free summer. Sign us up! I'll tour with the Spice Girls – just give a mic and turn it off."

Rylan Clark-Neal as Gareth Southgate5 of 5
CREDIT: heat

Rylan Clark-Neal as Gareth Southgate

"I feel quite powerful dressed as Gareth, I've got my tie and M&S waistcoat on – this is the outfit of the summer for me, I'm happy. "I was an absolute lout during the World Cup. I just turned into one of those people I hate – I was screaming, and the language that was coming out of my mouth was terrible!"

Let's look back at the best Stars Dress Up shoots EVER:


heat turns 1000: The best Stars Dress Up shoots EVER

Stars Dress Up1 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

James Corden

Who can forget James's take on that David Beckham Armani ad? Speaking to heat about all things issue 1000, he said: "This was the first time I can remember doing something that newspapers picked up on. At the time, I just thought I was doing a funny shoot - I never thought it would be a full page in The Sun and the Mirror."David did see it and he told me he had more pairs of socks in his pants than I've got in mine! I really love so many people that work [at heat], and I think they should take huge pride in the fact that this is the 1,000th issue. It's a wonderful thing and has become a part of British culture."

Stars Dress Up2 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston


In 2008, we hung out with 20-year-old Adele in a London boozer - and it was the most normal thing in the world.

Stars Dress Up3 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Alan Carr

Our most popular Stars Dress Up celeb Alan told us: "It's a real honour. Who would've thought when I started in 2007, that I would still be doing it? The great thing is, every year, it gets more and more adventurous and the goals get bigger."

Stars Dress Up4 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Danny Dyer

Way before he was pulling pints in The Vic, in 2008, everyone's fave cockney geezer was tackling Britain's hardest nuts in his show Deadliest Men. Turns out, though, Mr. Dyer is a bit of a softie himself, as he revealed his anxiety at killing a couple of spiders (he believed they were married.)

Stars Dress Up5 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Peter Andre

Peter said: "It was awesome when you guys transformed me into Wolverine, I loved it - although I remember my muscles aching afterwards from tensing them so much."Congratulations on reaching your 1000th issue, guys. Long may it continue!"

Stars Dress Up6 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Daniel Radcliffe

In 2002, Dan-Rad was starring in horror film The Woman in Black - hence our gory shoot.

Stars Dress Up7 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Joey Essex

Joey loves a bit of Stars Dress Up, telling us: "When heat got me to dress up like the president, it was before Donald Trump got all that power. I used to think he was just an orange guy with mad hair!"I can't believe you're 1000, though. Can I get the name of your surgeon? You look GOOD!"

Stars Dress Up8 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Girls Aloud

Back in 2006, just four years after their formation on Popstars: The Rivals, Girls Aloud got the ultimate heat-over as Grannies Aloud.

Stars Dress Up9 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Alan Carr

Stars Dress Up10 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Davina McCall

Davina says: "heat shoots are always the most fun. No one else would get me to dress up as a naughty Brownie, a cheeky cheerleader or Jordan! Happy 1000th issue, love Davina."

Stars Dress Up11 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Katie Price

When Sacha Baron Cohen's Austrian fashion reporter Brüno burst onto the scene in 2009, there was no one better to don his lederhosen than the Pricey. KP had a laugh, telling us she wasn't sure about the 'brown stuff' on her face, but 'quite liked this look, though.'

Stars Dress Up12 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston


JLS's JB loved dressing as Michael in this shoot. He told us: "It's always been great fun working with the team and I have some incredibly fond memories, as will all of the boys."It's amazing you've reached this milestone and I wish you all the best for the next 1000 issues!"

Stars Dress Up13 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Alan Carr

Stars Dress Up14 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Spencer Matthews

"Aidan Turner looking good as always. A big thank you to heat for always doing such fun shoots, and happy 1000th issue - here's 1000 more!"

Stars Dress Up15 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Ricky Gervais

heat's always been hot for Ricky, let's face it.

Stars Dress Up16 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Alan Carr

That infamous BRIT Awards Madonna moment? Yup, Alan was all over it.

Stars Dress Up17 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

Dermot O'Leary

Derm says: "I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones. I feel unworthy dressing up as Jon Snow."

Stars Dress Up18 of 18
CREDIT: heat/Nicky Johnston

The Saturdays

In 2010, the girl band did a stint in heat's prison.

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