heat unearths Eddie Redmayne’s first TV role!

The Oscar winner played a kid who battles gunmen and adopts rabbits. Interesting...


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Eddie Redmayne first TV role DO NOT PUBLISH! DO NOT PUBLISH!

Ed arrives back in the village. Cool uniform1 of 27

Ed arrives back in the village. Cool uniform

Boozin'2 of 27


Chuffed with his rabbits3 of 27

Chuffed with his rabbits



Rollin in dad's soft top5 of 27

Rollin in dad's soft top

HIYA6 of 27


SO SERIOUS!7 of 27


Oh, he's alright8 of 27

Oh, he's alright

Totes emosh9 of 27

Totes emosh

Back on the lash10 of 27

Back on the lash

Thinkin11 of 27


Talk to the hand/fingers12 of 27

Talk to the hand/fingers

Ragin'13 of 27


Givin her the eye14 of 27

Givin her the eye

Obsessed with this stance15 of 27

Obsessed with this stance

Nice rambling kit...16 of 27

Nice rambling kit...

Handsy17 of 27


Orienteering18 of 27


You'll get mad frown lines if you carry on like that, E-Dawg19 of 27

You'll get mad frown lines if you carry on like that, E-Dawg

Getting close20 of 27

Getting close

Nice binoculars21 of 27

Nice binoculars

In his dark room... in his bathroom. Hence "Bunnies in the Bathroom22 of 27

In his dark room... in his bathroom. Hence "Bunnies in the Bathroom"

Chin up, Ed23 of 27

Chin up, Ed

Pouty24 of 27


Floppiest of floppy hair25 of 27

Floppiest of floppy hair

Threatened!26 of 27


First ever credit27 of 27

First ever credit

A week on from Eddie Redmayne’s massive Best Actor Oscar win for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything, we’ve exclusively unearthed photos from his first- ever TV acting job.

Ed starred in CITV’s Animal Ark, in an episode entitled Bunnies in the Bathroom, which aired in May 1998.

A 16-year-old and very floppy-haired Eddie played John, who returns home from his posh school for the holidays to find his dad (who owns the local pub) has become engaged to Sara the barmaid without telling him, three years after his mum’s death.

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