Heather Trott off EastEnders is selling her car on eBay for 99p


Heather Trott

by Polly Foreman |
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If we were a super cool celeb off the telly, we'd 100% milk our popularity dry at every opportunity.

And this would extend to selling our shit on eBay – it's pretty much a scientific fact that being famous raises the value of your possessions by 1000% (roughly).

But one soap star who didn't get this memo is Cheryl Fergison, who put her car on the auction site for 99p on Saturday.

Heather Trott

"Don't be silly," we hear you say, "you can put a reserve price on items which ensures they can't get sold for less."

But Cheryl failed to do this – meaning that her car quite literally could have gone for 99p, which is the lowest possible price on the site.

She's quoted in the description as saying: She said: “Many a well-known face has sat in the passenger seat and if Dolly could talk, she could tell many a funny tale of the adventures she has been on."

"Dolly is getting to be an old girl now and has been a joy to have, so it’s with reluctance that I’m selling her. She is steeped in genuine floor-to-ceiling memories. Bye, bye Dolly and thank you for the adventures."

But our personal favourite bit of the whole thing is: "Cheryl says she would have thrown in an old George Michael CD – Heather was a superfan – but she needs it for her new car, Chuck."

Because who could forget that completely realistic storyline when Heather Trott slept with Darren Miller resulting in a son called George Michael?

Anyway, luckily for Cheryl, the car has managed to rack up substantially more than her asking price – and has reached £2,2120 (at the time of writing).

If you'd like to have a peruse or a bid, you can do so here. We should point out that the description is complete with pics of her chillin' by the car.

Heather Trott
Heather Trott
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