Heavy D and his girlfriend have a BIG announcement to make

Err, BOOM?

Heavy D - CBB

by Georgina Terry |
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Celebrity Big Brother loser Heavy D and his new girlfriend Bryony Harris have taken a massive step in their relationship.

Yes, they’ve only been together about three weeks but when you know, you know. You know?

Heavy (not what his mother calls him) and Bryony had apparently been chirpsing before he went into CBB, then met up after he was booted out - and one of their very first dates was a little holiday in Marbella which, we have to admit, is a pretty swish date.

So, should we be surprised that they’ve gone so far so soon?

Yeah, we’re still kinda shocked.

Heavy and Byrony have got HIS 'N' HERS TATTOOS.

Big ones ‘n all. Right on their arms for all to see.

We can’t show you the actual pictures for reasons (another publication paid actual money for them) but we can describe them to you and so you can see them via the theatre of the mind.

They’ve had matching, palm-sized, lotus flowers on their left upper arms: Heavy’s has a B inside it and Bryony’s a C as Heavy’s real name is Colin.

How sweet. And we definitely don’t expect to see Bryony on Tattoo Fixers getting a 'Victorian machinery shit' cover up from surprisingly-fit-in-real-life Sketch anytime soon, oh no.

At least when Chloe Khan had ‘Bear’ inked on her face it was in marker pen. Although, things could be looking up for our first favourite CBB couple, as Bear’s posted a picture to his Instagram of a woman who looks remarkably like her alongside a gushing message. Hooray!

Speaking of Chloe, Heavy’s new squeeze threw some serious shade at her, which isn’t very cool. Especially as Chloe reached out to him to wish him all the best in his new relationship, even though he made her wash his dirty pants in the CBB house.

Do you miss CBB? Yeah, us too. #gonetoosoon

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