Henry Cavill admits he got an erection whilst filming sexy scenes for The Tudors

Poor Henry. It's bound to happen though, eh?


by Hannah Brimson |
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"Well this is a bit awkward..."
"Well this is a bit awkward..."

Being a bloke and getting an erection at the wrong time in the wrong place must be a bit embarrassing. But Henry Cavill, generally beautiful human and star of The Tudors, admitted in a recent interview that this actually happened to him whilst he was filming a particularly saucy sex scene. He told Men's Fitness: “It’s only happened to me once, and it was very embarrassing. A girl had to be on top of me, she had spectacular breasts, and I hadn’t rearranged my 'stuff' into a harmless position. She’s basically rubbing herself all over me and, um, it got a bit hard.”

Poor Henry then got very embarrassed and apologised to the actress in question: "It’s not great when you’re in a professional acting environment and somebody gets a boner, is it? No, not acceptable.” Awwww! He then went on to say: “It’s actually acutely uncomfortable being naked in a roomful of people. The very last thing it is is sexy. The actual physicality is very uncomfortable. All you’re doing is smacking your nuts against someone, and nothing is going in.”

This is part hilarious and part mortifying. But funny definitely overrules, soz Henry.

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