Here’s the FIRST image of the NEW Dad’s Army line-up, including Bill Nighy and Blake Harrison!

"You stupid boy!"

Dad's Army new cast

by Maria Vallahis |

Self-appointed leader Captain Mainwaring is BACK and this time alongside an all-new cast for a feature-length film adaptation of Dad's Army.

Previously cast by Arthur Lowe the new captain will be played by Hunger Games actor Toby Jones.

Now don't worry either, because it doesn't look like the upcoming adaptation strays too far from the original BBC sitcom.


Joining Jones, will be Bill Nighy (Sergeant Wilson), Tom Courtenay (Lance-Corporal Jones), Bill Paterson (Private Frazer), Michael Gambon (Private Godfrey), Inbetweeners actor Blake Harrison (Private Pike) and Danny Mays (Private Walker).

In the press shot above the gang recreated the same pose as their predecessors taking rank in character as the Home Guard.

Directed by Oliver Parker, there will also be a couple of famous females - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sarah Lancashire - who we'll see when the film is released February next year.

The image above comes two weeks after the first trailer - which comes nearly 50 years since the first episode aired.

At the height of the show's popularity viewers amassed to 18 million, let's see how the film fairs next to it.

We'll definitely go and watch it, will you? What do you think of the trailer?

5 kids/feel good films:


5 kids/feel good films

Horrible Bosses 2
1 of 5

Horrible Bosses was a concept everybody can relate to. Everyone has had to do filing, shovel fries or take calls for a perv, an idiot or downright psychopath at some stage of their working life. The only difference being, that these three friends tried to kill their bosses. We wouldn’t recommend that solution by the way, but hopefully we didn’t need to tell you that. The sequel sees the gang - Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis - back once again and ready to launch their own product, but it's not long before they're dragged back into criminal capers while running into all the big names from the first film. If you hate your manager, watch this, if it doesn't make you laugh, at least you can appreciate things could be much, much worse… and involve a sex-crazed Jennifer Aniston. Fun Fact: Jason Sudeikis says “those aren't the s**t heads we need'” when someone suggests going to find criminals in Applebee's. He later voiced the adverts for the restaurants. Get it from Amazon

The Hangover
2 of 5

The Hangover came out of nowhere back in 2010 to become THE template for modern bromance movies. Many have imitated, but none have come close to the original's phenomenal formula. Alan, Phil and Stu aka The Wolf Pack are on a stag do in Las Vegas and end up losing the groom, what ensures is 90 minutes of lost teeth, naked Chinese gangsters and cameos from Mike Tyson. If somehow you've been hiding under a rock - or on a roof - and you've never seen the film then you're in for a treat. But even if you have, there are still SO MANY amazing gags in there that means it definitely deserves another viewing. Fun Fact: In real life Mike Tyson owns SEVEN tigers. Get it from Amazon

Miss Congeniality
3 of 5

Gracie (Sandra Bullock) is a hard-nosed FBI cop drafted to go undercover in a beauty pageant. She's a huge tomboy and more at home with guns than girdles, so this makes for a classic fish-out-of-water-and-forced-to-wear-dresses tale. Michael Caine is tasked with making Gracie girly enough for the competition and Captain Kirk, sorry, William Shatner, plays the cheesy pageant show host. The movie is just pure silly fun, so if you want a family-friendly mirth-maker you can't go far wrong with Miss Congeniality. Fun fact: One contestant answers “April 25th” when asked "What is your idea of a perfect date?". This was an actually a real-life answer from a beauty pageant. Get it from Amazon

The LEGO Movie
4 of 5

This think this film is far more fun than playing with LEGO, and despite being full-grown grumpy adults, we love LEGO a lot. Instead of being a feature length advert for toys the movie pulls in some huge names - Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman and, erm, Batman – and they’ve all been tasked with saving the world. There are so many clever gags, amazing animation and perhaps the catchiest song ever created. Everything Is Awesome will be stuck in your head for a long time after the film ends, probably until the next LEGO Movie comes out, which in our opinion, can't happen soon enough. Fun Fact: The word "LEGO" is never spoken in the movie. Get it from Amazon

The Nut Job
5 of 5

After Surly (voiced by the gravelly word-sayer Will Arnett) destroys the parks winter nut supply, he embarks on an elaborate nut-robbing mission. Sure, this is definitely a film for kids, but the vocal talent which also includes Brendan Fraiser and Liam Neeson, and some of the gags are distinctly targeted at us grown ups. Imagine it's Heat - the movie, not our magazine, that would be confusing - except there's squirrels instead of Robert De Niro, which in our opinion is a definite improvement. Grab the kids, or any young relatives you have, get comfy and get ready for lots of gags about nuts, except the most obvious one. Fun Fact: In The Netherlands version of the film, Redline the mouse is voiced by YouTuber Enzo Knol. Get it from Amazon

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