Highest paid actors in the WORLD revealed – and guess who made the top spot!

Yo Robert Downey Jr, can we borrow a fiver?


by Laurence Mozafari |
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A list by Forbes has revealed the highest paid actors in the world. Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr has topped the list, closely followed by kung-fu legend, Jackie Chan.

This is the third year in a row that Robert Downey Jr has been charted as Hollywood's highest earner, no doubt helped by his role in The Avengers films and the incredibly lucrative contract he signed to keep making films with Marvel.


This year's list looked across the globe from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong and beyond, and so they found 12 new names to sit alongside that loaded lot in the US, including Indian actors Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan.

In contrast, Forbes' list of the highest paid female actors was lead by Sofia Vergara, who raked in $31 million dollars, putting her at about third in the male list, and making her level with Vin Diesel.

The 34 stars on the list earned a combined total of £561million ($877m) before taxes and fees between June 2014 and June 2015. We did the math and with that kind of money you could buy 2,805,000 bald Sphynx cats. WORTH IT.

Here are the top 20:

1 Robert Downey Jr – £51m ($80m)

2 Jackie Chan – £32.1m ($50m)

3 Vin Diesel – £31m ($47m)

4 Bradley Cooper – £26.6m ($41.5m)

5 Adam Sandler – £26m ($41m)

6 Tom Cruise – £25.7m ($40m)

7 Amitabh Bachchan – £21.5m ($33.5m)

7 Salman Khan – £21.5m ($33.5m)

9 Akshay Kumar – £20.8m ($32.5m)

10 Mark Wahlberg – £20.5m ($32m)

11 Dwayne Johnson – £19.6m ($30.5m)

12 Johnny Depp – £19.2m ($30m)

13 Leonardo DiCaprio – £18.6m ($29m)

13 Channing Tatum – £18.6m ($29m)

15 Chris Hemsworth – £17.3m ($27m)

15 Daniel Craig – £17.3m ($27m)

17 Matthew McConaughey – £16.9m ($26.5m)

18 Shah Rukh Khan – £16.6m ($26m)

18 Will Smith – £16.6m ($26m)

20 Matt Damon – £16m ($25m)

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