Holly Hagan and Charlotte had a massive fight after THAT tattoo of Kyle Christie’s face

What about BFFs though?

Holly Charlotte Geordie Shore

by Hannah Evans |
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BFFs have an unbreakable bond, right? Ride or die, hoes before bros, sistas4lyf n all that…yeah?

Well, what if your best mate let your bf (who was about to break up with you) tattoo their face on your back?

Maybe not.

That's what happened between Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby and, understandably, it caused some issues.

The Just Tattoo of Us presenter revealed that inviting her former Geordie Shore co-star, Holly, and her BF at the time, Kyle Christie, onto the show caused a major argument between the pals.

Promoting the show Snapchat, Charlotte revealed that this week's ep will feature the couple.

We know that Holly ended up getting a MASSIF tat of Kyle's face on her neck, but Charlotte's now admitted that the incident lead to some serious confrontation between the pals.

holly hagan tattoo

She said: "Tonight is not just any episode of Just Tattoo Of Us, it is a very special one.

"My best friend Holly and her boyfriend and my very good friend Kyle happen to come into the studio.

"And what happens that day is unspeakable."

Charlotte added: "After Holly found out what her tattoo was and went home she didn't actually speak to us properly for like three days.

"Anyone who watches tonight's episode will freak out.

"Because if their boyfriends ever did this to them let's just say they wouldn't be your boyfriend for much longer."

Since the episode was filmed Holly and Kyle have actually split up, though the reasons are said to be unrelated to the tat.

Holly has also started laser treatment to remove the inking – we would too, hun.

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