Holly Hagan hits back ‘I DON’T photoshop my pics!’

**She's had enough of those pesky trolls...**

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by Daisy Jordan |
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When it comes to trolls, Holly Hagan is never one to hold her tongue and that’s why we love her.

After her followers lashed out at her for photoshopping her pictures, the *Geordie Shore *star decided to take matters into her own hands and clear up a few things.

holly hagan

The reality TV star, who previously dated Kyle Christie on the show, shared a video which closely examined her pins and ranted, “THOSE LUMPS ARE FAT POCKETS!!

“I do NOT photoshop LUMPS into my legs!!!! Surely if I was going to photoshop I would photoshop them OUT!!!!

“not everyone has perfectly straight inner thighs! photoshop police have a day off I'm perfectly happy with my imperfect lumpy legs #pointproven”. You tell ‘em, Holly!

Holly’s reaction comes after she received countless mean comments on a previously posted pic.

“Her thighs are photoshopped bro why do they have that ridiculous shape in the gap,” one Instagram user wrote, while another said, “She’s photoshopped her thigh gap you can see it ffs.”

Another follower taunted, “Terrible photo shop of thigh gap haha !!!”

Holly has spoken about length at her battle with body shaming trolls. Although she obviously hates them, she has thanked them for inspiring her to lose weight.

“It upset me at the time and did inspire me to lose [the weight],” she said. “I just wanted to work a bit harder but also to be a lot healthier because I couldn’t run up the stairs. It has been a four-year journey for me.”

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