Holly Hagan hits out over Geordie Shore filming: “You only see what they want you to see”

Biting the hand that feeds you much, Hols?

Holly Hagan

by Georgina Terry |
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Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore original, has hit back at the makers of the show over the portrayal of her relationship with Kyle Christie.

This week, viewers saw Kyle shout in Holly’s face before sweeping everything off a table and storming off in a fit of rage.

They also witnessed the pair having two sober nights out in an attempt to stop their rows, which Gary Beadle says are “killing the house”.


Even Marnie Simpson has called Kyle, one of her best friends before he began his stint in Geordie Shore, a “massive arsehole” over his treatment of Holly.

But Holly, who is still with Kyle despite rumours that he cheated on her when on a personal appearance tour in Australia, has begged her social media followers to take what they see on screen with a pinch of salt:

She also thanked those who “continue to support” the tempestuous relationship:

We have not forgotten the horrible, very judgmental, TERRIBLE thing Kyle said last series about Holly not being ‘marriage material’ because she’s enjoyed a full and varied sex life.

Because unless his terrible hypocrisy is one of the things that’s changed in the last six months, we’re not interested.

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