Errr… Have Holly Hagan and Chloe Ferry had a bust up?

Judging from this pic, they definitely have.

Holly Hagan Chloe Ferry

by Polly Foreman |
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We've lost count of the times we've had a horrific photo taken of us, had it held over our heads for a few hours, and then had to beg / bribe our friends not to plaster it on social media. If they're good pals on good terms with us, they usually (eventually) agree – so a pic Holly Hagan uploaded of Chloe Ferry makes us think they've had a MEGA fall out.

Holly Hagan Chloe Ferry

The Geordie Shore gals are living it up in Ibiza right now (after living it up basically everywhere else this summer), and we imagine they're having an absolutely wild old time.

So wild, it seems, that even Chloe can't hack it – she was pictured asleep on a sun lounger with (what we really, really, really hope is) sun cream dribbling out of her mouth.

And we're now wondering what on earth Chloe must have done to deserve such public humiliation? Although - the Geordies do have frequent images of their most embarrassing states plastered all over national television, so she's probably fine with it.

Holly captioned the pic "#WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) this stunna @chloegshore". We could not agree more.

Charlotte Crosby has joined her galpals for the hol, despite having announced her retirement from Geordie Shore a few weeks ago.

And we're reaaally glad she's looking happy, particularly as slithery slimy snake Gary Beadle is trying to slither back into her life by sending her messages.

Charlotte Crosby Gary Beadle
Charlotte Crosby Gary Beadle ©Instagram

Char insisted these were very one sided though, telling the Sun Online: "He messaged us to see how I was – but that was as far as the conversation led. It doesn't make any difference to us, no."

Ugh, we reeaaaally wish we were in Ibiza RN.

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