Holly Hagan will NEVER return to Geordie Shore :(

Sad times.

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Holly Hagan turned our Geordie Shore world upside down last October when she quit the show to follow other endeavours, namely her BF at the time Kyle Christie.

kyle christie beard transplant

BUT when the reality star was pictured with Sophie Kasaei and Nathan Henry in Amsterdam yesterday, GS fans went into meltdown. Hoping for a spectaculor return to the show, especially since her and Kyle called it quits last month, viewers begged Hols to come back and save Geordie Shore (its being overrun by newbies).

But our wishes just aren't meant to be :(

Holly told The Sun: “I have absolutely no plans whatsoever in my life to ever return to that show, I am completely 100 per cent done with it.

“People watch it and think it’s the most amazing thing in the entire world, but there are a lot of things they never see and many can’t hack it.

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“I have a breakdown every series, a complete mental breakdown. You put on fifty stone while you’re in there, you finish filming and your kidneys hurt from all the drinking, and you just feel horrible.”

Yeah tbh we don't think we could hack it either.

She also opened up about all the backlash she received online: "I found it all so mentally draining, people would think it was always just a storyline, but it wasn’t, it was always 100 per cent my life.

“I used to feel really upset and insulted when people would accuse the show of being fake, like I would make myself look like a mug on purpose.

kyle christie and holly hagan

“Geordie Shore is not scripted reality like Towie, everything you see us go through is completely real.”

It wasn't all bad though, Hols did say she would return if her other pals did too:

“I have amazing memories, and I made genuine friends – that’s why I was with Nathan and Sophie, as we’re all friends on the outside.

“If they had a one-off special episode where the old cast returned I might consider it, but apart from that my time there is over.”

Here's hoping!


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