Holly Hagan says she regrets that time she lost her virginity around the back of a cinema

50 Shades of Grey has nothing on Holly Hagan's new book


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Holly Hagan has detailed in her autobiography that she regrets losing her virginity on a bleak scrap of wasteland between the back of a cinema and a dual carriageway, and it took her years to get out of a cycle of one-night stands that resulted from her first sexual encounter.

In an exclusive extract published on MailOnline, Holly detailed her grim-second-act-in-an-Alan-Bennett-play first sexual encounter with a boyfriend.

“After [my first] date, he took me for a stroll round the back of the cinema,” she wrote, erotically. “I kind of knew what was coming, because who the f**k takes a stroll round the back of a cinema? It was like a big dirty industrial estate. Hardly a local beauty spot. We started kissing and yeah, I guess I was ready to get rid of my ‘virgin’ label.

“We did the deed to the sound of busy dual carriage way traffic, and I could think was, ‘Oh, is this it then?’” HELLO, IS THAT JAMIE DORNAN? HIYA MATE, GOT AN IDEA FOR A NEW SEX FILM. YEAH IT’S BASED ON A BOOK. HOW DOES THIS SOUND?:

“Mine was cold, wet, painful and on a disused car park behind a cinema. Not really the romantic, candles, flowers, silk sheets set-up most would hope for, was it?”

Holly explained that she notched up a series of GROSS WORD ALERT ‘lovers’ before she was 16, and it took years for her to shake off the ‘s**g’ tag and get confident enough not to use sex as a way to make boys like her. And also doing it with Frankie Cocozza didn’t really help.

Here he is
Here he is

“Frankie was giving an interview on the Xtra Factor to Caroline Flack and Olly Murs,” she wrote. “Caroline asked him [the truth behind the story] and he said: ‘I met her, I banged her’.

“My mam had been sat there with my little sister Darci and was absolutely devastated when she heard him disrespect me live on TV for millions of viewers to see. I wasn’t bothered about how he’d made me look. But I was furious with him for upsetting my mam.”

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