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Holly Tandy

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ITV’s The X Factor is back this year and we are totally ready to judge the contestants like we own our own recording studio. We’ve seen tears and tantrums and that was only at boot camp. The live shows are here and it’s time for the madness to start.

If you’re a little behind let’s get you up to speed, Simon Cowell has the Groups, Louis Walsh has the Boys and Nicole Scherzinger has the over’s.

Sharon Osbourne has been given the girls category this year and one contestant we are massively obsessed with is the wonderful Holly Tandy, she has a voice like a total angel - trust us. Who is she you ask? We have this totally covered for you.

Who is Holly Tandy?

Holly Tandy

If you don’t know who Holly Tandy is then where the hell have you been!? This South Yorkshire babe is a contestant in X Factor 2017.

How old is Holly Tandy?

Holly is the youngest contestant in this years show being only 16 years old. When Holly first auditioned in front of the celebrity judges she was just only 15. Holly was able to enter the show this year due to the age limit being dropped down to 14. She has recently just finished school and had plans to go to college to study music.

What did Holly Tandy sing in her first audition?

Stunning all the judges, Holly sang Alicia Keys’ ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ which got her through to boot camp with four yes’. She admitted to the judges that the biggest crowd she’s ever sang to was no one because they all got up and left #awks. You can see her first audition here.

Who is Holly Tandy’s biggest inspiration?

Grandad David is Holly’s biggest inspiration because of his love for music and entertaining and he even bought Holly her very first guitar. David has been at very performance so far during this year’s X Factor and has become quite the star himself as Holly admitted people have been stopping him in Morrisons to hug him. It’s the new hang out place apparently...

Has Holly Tandy released any music?

If you’re as obsessed with Holly as we are, you’ll get your iTunes up now as Holly in fact has two songs available for download! ‘Fool In Love With You’ and ‘Antediluvia (House of the Rising Sun) are just 79p- that’s cheaper than a cheeseburger!

Who are Holly Tandy’s celeb fans?

Love Island’s Kady McDermott and Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore have both tweeted the teen showing support and love for Holly’s music.

Is Holly Tandy single?

This absolute babe confirmed she was single and in the best way possible – pizza!

What football team does Holly Tandy support?

Holly supports her local team Barnsley FC but now it’s their turn to support her during the live shows.

Article written by Darryl White

ICYMI - here are all the contestants through to the live shows!


Contestants through to The X Factor live shows 2017

holly tandy x factor1 of 13

holly tandy x factor

Holly Tandy - Girls (Sharon Osbourne)

grace davies2 of 13

grace davies

Grace Davies - Girls (Sharon Osbourne)

Rai-Elle Williams3 of 13

Rai-Elle Williams

Rai-Elle Willians - Girls (Sharon Osbourne)

matt linnen x factor4 of 13

matt linnen x factor

Matt Linnen - Overs (Nicole Scherzinger)

tracy leanne jefford5 of 13

tracy leanne jefford

Tracy Leanne Jefford - Overs (Nicole Scherzinger)

kevin davy white6 of 13

kevin davy white

Kevin Davy White - Overs (Nicole Scherzinger)

cutkelvins x factor7 of 13

cutkelvins x factor

The Cutkelvins - Groups (Simon Cowell)

sean and conor x facotr8 of 13

sean and conor x facotr

Sean and Conor Price - Groups (Simon Cowell)

rak-su x factor9 of 13

rak-su x factor

Rak-Su - Groups (Simon Cowell)

talia dean x factor10 of 13

talia dean x factor

WILDCARD: Talia Dean - Groups (Nicole Scherzinger)

jack and joel11 of 13

jack and joel

WILDCARD: Jack and Joel - Groups (Simon Cowell)

leon mallett12 of 13

leon mallett

WILDCARD: Leon Mallett - Boys (Louis Walsh)

alisah bonoabrah13 of 13

alisah bonoabrah

WILDCARD: Alisah Bonaobrah - Girls (Sharon Osbourne)

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