Holly Willoughby was in S Club 7’s film Artistic Differences and it was AMAZING

Holly Willougby S Club 7 Paul Cattermole

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We love Holly Willoughby as one of the hosts of This Morning and her appearances on Celebrity Juice are hilarious.

But she actually has a bit of a secret showbiz past after trying to break into the entertainment industry for years.

Having worked as a commercial model and posing for magazines such as Just Seventeen, Mizz and More, she branched out and made a bid for a movie career as a teenager.

Holly Willougby S Club 7 Paul Cattermole


Well, none, BUT, and this is the brilliant part, she had a roll in S Club 7’s TV film Artistic Differences, and coming across it again this morning gave us all the squealy excitement feels.

Miss Willoughbooby, 35, won her part in the movie when she was 19 and she looks EXACTLY the same as she does today.

Holly Willougby S Club 7 Paul Cattermole

She played the part of Zoe, the childhood sweetheart of S Club’s Paul Cattermole who he split from two years earlier, and she flies out to meet him in Los Angeles, where the band is living at the time.

The story follows S Club as Bradly McIntosh and Paul fall out over their artistic differences, putting the future of the group in danger, and Rachel Stevens throws a spanner in the works by deciding she wants to quit her dreams of being a popstar so she can get married.

Holly Willougby S Club 7 Paul Cattermole

Holly’s character Zoe doesn’t help things as she distracts Paul with her visit to California but he’s left unimpressed when a talent scout sees Zoe as a potential model and interrupts their date at a top Hollywood restaurant.

Just two days later, an image of Zoe is plastered across a billboard in LA after she’s made the face of Le Pew cosmetics, and when Paul spots it whilst out with her, he exclaims: “Holy cow!”

Holly Willougby S Club 7 Paul Cattermole

Zoe promises Paul they’ll be able to spend plenty more time together if Paul leaves his band but he decides to stick with music and end the romance.

He tells Zoe: “I’ve really liked seeing you and I’m really glad things are taking off, but I’m afraid your new career is taking off and it doesn’t leave room for things like me.”

Zoe insists she has plenty of time for both her work and Paul but he’s not convinced and dumps her, telling her: “Sometimes the scariest thing, is the thing you’ve got to do.”



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