Holy guacamole – look at Duncan James now!

He's a hunka-hunka man

Duncan James

by Georgina Terry |
Published on

We don't wish to alarm anyone but IT'S FRIIIIIDAY!

And to get the weekend off to a flying start we wish to present this picture of Duncan James off of Blue who has turned himself into a rippling beefcake of a guy.

Here is Duncan after a casual abs session:

Look how low those shorts are! We can nearly see his pubes!

Here is Duncan doing something unspeakable with his tongue:

Marvel at those guns. He looks like Popeye if Popeye was less bald and more, y'know, sexually attractive.

Here is Duncan and his thighs hanging out by a waterfall:

Hey, if it's good enough for P'Andre it's good enough for us.

We've also become mildly obsessed with Duncan's photos of his fitty fitty fit fit food posts:

That pineapple looks like a hand.

Well done, Duncan James. What a way to kick off the kick off the weekend.

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