Honey G is being offered 50k to go on THIS reality TV show

Erm we'll do it, if not?

Honey G Dancing On Ice

by Aimee Jakes |
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Have you noticed that recently life has lost it's sparkle? We mean, it's alright and all, but something is missing. Something sweet, something sunglasses-all-weathers donning, something that skids on a stage in tight leather trousers.

Did you say Honey? Did you say G? HONEY. G. HONEY. G. etc etc etc.

Honey G

Where has The X Factor sensation Honey Gbeen hiding?

Well, we recently had the brilliant news that Honey G will be playing 'Fairy G' in Sleeping Beauty panto this Christmas. WE KNOW. Definitely something to take your dear Nanna along to.

Now according to Female First, Honey G is being offered a hellavalot of money to appear on Dancing On Ice as it returns after it's three year hiatus.

HONEY G ON ICE. Could there be anything more spectacular?

A source told the publication: 'Honey G was TV gold on last year's 'X Factor' so it's a no-brainer to sign her up for 'Dancing On Ice'. She is a huge fan favourite and is loved by the whole family, no matter what their age.

'The big question is whether she will skate in her baseball cap and sunglasses. Even the thought of seeing her in a different sparkly outfit each week is hilarious.'

We reckon Honey G will totes be up for it. If she can navigate through life with dark shades, then she can definitely skate with a hat on.

Watch this space folks.


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