Honey G just MELTED everyone’s hearts with an ADORBS letter

Seriously, what a BABE

Honey G

by Ruby Norris |
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Here at heat, we're still struggling to come to terms with the AWFUL news that Honey G has left The X Factor.

Petition to make Sunday 27th November a national day of mourning, anyone?


But we're still pretty cut up and we've been slightly worried that we literally won't have anything to right about now Honey G's gone.

However, it turns out we had nothing to worry about, as Honey G is still being the best thing ever.

She recently said she'll be as big as One Direction and even had to enlist the help of a BODYGUARD to manage all those adoring fans.

We always knew she was destined for greatness.

Honey G

(Read all about why we think so here.)

When she's not giving Mariah Carey a run for her money in the diva stakes, Honey AKA Anna Gilford IRL, has revealed she also has a soft side.

After being voted off the show on Sunday, the rapper from north Weezy left an ADORBS note for the remaining contestants.


The note, shared on Emily Middlemas' Twitter and addressed to Emily, Matt, Saara and 5 After Midnight, reads: "I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working/living with you all!

"You are all winners in my eyes and are all incredibly unique in your own way. I am sure you will all go very far [and] I truly hope you all get what you wish for!”

She signed the letter off: “Best of luck to you all! See you at the final! Love Honey G xx”.

We have tears, ACTUAL tears.


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