Honey G has a HUGE celeb admirer…and could they both be headed onto CBB?


Honey G

by Joanna Freedman |
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Rapping superstar, Honey G, hit the headlines yesterday as she proudly came out as gay, and posed for some preeettty steamy pictures to mark the occasion.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “I feel now is the right time to let everyone know that I’m gay… I do worry about homophobia.

“At my very first [X Factor] audition, Simon asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said ‘no’ and that I was single. I wasn’t really ready at that point to announce my sexuality to the world.”

And people have been flocking to support the X Factor legend on Twitter.

But among her groupies, one particularly high profile supporter has also come out in support of Honey G, and she drops some raaather dramatic hints that the two of them might be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother together.

Yup, none other than Gogglebox's Sandra Martin (who has recently quit the show), took to Twitter and said: “I will be your girlfriend Honey G. Queen Bee live watching Honey G.

"Meeting me in Big Brother house. I will snog you then."

Hmmm. Could these two be the most unlikely Celebrity romance EVER? (We bloody hope so!)

But don't get too excited, as after her MAJORLY suggestive tweet, Sandra was quick to put rumours of a CBB appearance to rest, telling her followers to use their "common sense" and adding that she couldn't be going on the TV show, as she's currently in Hastings...

Well, that’s the end of that then.

We guess we’ll have to cope with Love Island’s Chis Hughes and Kem Cetinay instead. Apparently CBB producers want to offer them 100k each to go on the show! You can read more about that here.

In other news: YOU COULD WORK FOR HONEY G. YUP. Here's how.

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