Hugh Bonneville confirms there WILL be another Downton Abbey Christmas special this year – hoorah

But will this be THE LAST Christmas special...?

Hugh Bonneville

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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What ho, and stuff. It seems that there’s going to be Christmas special for Downton Abbey this year – even though it’s rumoured that this will be the show’s last ever series (SAD FACE).

Hugh Bonneville spoke at the TRIC Awards, saying:

“We will. We’ll do a ninth episode which will come out at Christmas.”

So, could the Christmas spesh be the last ever Downton? Maybe, if the gossip that the upcoming sixth series will be the period drama’s last is true.

We can see it already – the whole nation sobbing round the Christmas tree. Oh gosh, we just can’t - let’s change the subject.

Hugh, who plays the Earl of Grantham in the show, also revealed some exciting plot details.

Or not so exciting if you’re not a fan of the show, but each to their own, hey?

“We're in 1925, so the series has nudged on another six months, and Lady Rose has been on her honeymoon and she's now moved to America.

“Tom Branson has gone to Boston, and some faces that we met towards the end of the fifth season may or may not be coming over the horizon to break or make the hearts of Lady Mary and Lady Edith and people like that.”

Excellent news, Hugh. Excellent news indeed.

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