Has Iggy Azalea had a CHIN IMPLANT? Her face looks REALLY different

Hmm. That definitely wasn't there before...


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Celebrities inserting weird things into their bodies news now, and Iggy Azalea has sparked rumours of plastic surgery after being papped with a weirdly different face.

The 24-year-old Aussie rapper even appeared to confirm the claims yesterday after posting a snap of herself to her Instagram and captioning it: “Loving my new look.”


Iggy at the Billboards last year
Iggy at the Billboards last year

Iggy, whose new single Pretty Girls featuring Britney Spears premiered last week, definitely looked different at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards – her nose seemed smaller and her chin more prominent.

A source told Us Weekly mag that after the boob job she had last year, Iggy was really happy with the results – but wanted more.

“She loves the results! She wasn’t happy with her nose for a long time, so after the boobs she wanted to get that taken care of and then got the chin done at the same time.”

Iggy back in 2013

However, her newly defined chin could also be the result of dermal fillers, Botox – or just a dodgy angle when the picture was taken.

What do you think – more surgery? Or just a particularly weird camera angle? Or is her face actually starting to melt as a result of her insanely fast rapping?

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"Kim's face seems to have changed dramatically over 13 years."

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