“I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat”: Ola Jordan clears things up for us

Straight down the line. We like it.

Ola Jordan

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Bless her, Ola Jordan’s a funny one. The Strictly Come Dancing star took to Twitter earlier to announce to fans that she’s NOT PREGNANT.

Got that?

She was out at the Lorraine High Street Fashion Awards last night with her husband James Jordan and got papped looking gorgeous.


Only, some were wondering if she’s pregnant.

Ola, you’re not fat, but we’ve been there too. One too many McNuggets and we look like we’re having triplets (and you don’t want to know what happens when we get started on our second McDonald’s milkshake. Yes, it is doable).

Fed up of all the speculation, Ola tweeted:

Ola’s husband, dancer James, tweeted back: “Good to see your not in denial babe... Don't worry about what others think & at least u can say u r with Brad Pitt!”

Definitely not a baby bump

Well, that definitely clears things up.

Seriously though – Ola looks bloody amazing – and not one bit fat.

It looks like Ola is totally back on her feet, though, which is great. She was hospitalised for surgery on her leg in January, and feared that her dancing career might be behind her for good.

Three cheers for Ola.

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