“I’m sorry if I offended anyone”: Jessie J has managed to upset her fans by unfollowing them ALL on Twitter

That's nice of her, isn't it?

Jessie J

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Jessie J has a knack when it comes to annoying people. Remember when she was on The Voice? Yeah, that.

Only now she’s taking her irritation skills to another level – she’s gone and unfollowed her entire friends list on Twitter. And then been pretty rude about it.


And Jessie’s fans are NOT BEST PLEASED.

“Jessie J tweeted "be nice to strangers" then 24 hours later, unfollowed all her fans” said one user.

Another wrote: “Jessie J is coming across as selfish and rude. The fans she's unfollowing are fans who've got her to where she is now. So ungrateful.”

Told you they were unimpressed.

After deleting everyone she followed on Twitter, Jessie wrote:

“I didn't unfollow just all my fans. Please stop trying [to] create bad energy, I unfollowed half my followers.

“And when my thumb can be bothered I will unfollow the other half. Seriously guys.”

Well, it looks like that thumb HAS been bothered, because Jessie’s now following precisely NOBODY – and her tweets have been deleted too. Her thumb must be very sore.

She’s since tweeted:

I'm sorry if I offended anyone. It's NEVER my intention.

But we doubt that’ll be much consolation to Jessie’s legions of dedicated fans, who are now a Twitter follower down.

Gosh, it must be really hard having so many Twitter followers, eh?

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