Jack Fincham reveals unexpected career move following TOWIE debut

The Love Island 2018 winner ‘loves’ his new job

Jack Fincham

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Jack Fincham has told of how he’s working as a labourer on a building site just weeks after appearing on TOWIE.

The former Love Island star – who won the show in 2018 alongside Dani Dyer – was recently embroiled in a drug driving scandal and said he’d taken on the gig in order to improve his mental health.

"I'm getting up at five or six o'clock everyday and I'm on the building site, I'm driving the dumper and I loved it," he said.

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"Not because I want to be a builder but because I want to keep my brain busy. I was sitting there waiting for jobs to come to me and it wasn't happening. I've got to go out and get it and it shows I'm being active."

Speaking on James English’s podcast Anything Goes, he added, "I'm earning money again."

It comes after Jack vowed to turn his life around after narrowly avoiding jail time when a charge against him for driving under the influence of cocaine and Valium was dropped.

"I want to be recognised as being good enough, not the one who f--ked it up," he continued.

"The one that people say 'he could have done so well'. I don't want to be known as that person. I want them to say yeah he did f--k up but look what he's done now.

"I've got no choice. With my addictive personality, it's that or death. I know that sounds extreme, but that's the truth. If I don't turn my life around it's that or death.

"It'll be crashing a car or taking too much of something. They're the choices."

Speaking of the dropped charge Jack’s lawyer told The Sun, "Ultimately, the Crown were unable to present any reliable evidence to prove that Mr Fincham had drugs in his system.

"Mr Fincham denied the allegation. He is, therefore, not guilty of the offences charged and will not be required to attend court again in relation to this matter."

A friend also said, "Jack has been raising money for children at Great Ormond Street Hospital and is working on himself, giving back to causes that are important to him. He wants to go into 2022 with a positive public perception.

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"His focus is on reinventing himself and establishing himself as a TV personality once again."

Jack is also dad to 11-month-old Blossom who he shares with former friend Casey Ranger but his foray into fatherhood has been far from simple.

He and Casey have been engaged in a bitter and very public war of words on Instagram after Casey accused Jack of not being there for Blossom and “using her” for his public image.

Back in August, Casey, who works in the NHS, spoke out about her relationship with Jack, posting a quote on Instagram that read, "The job of two is done by one, the job of two is done by mum."

"As I write this post with an open heart I can’t help but feel a lot of anxiety & discomfort surrounding my choice to speak up on such a private matter. Having a part of my life played out so publicly is beyond difficult to deal with - I keep my personal life private & I never acknowledge any rumours/speculation surrounding private matters," she said.

"However, it’s been testing at times & there have been a couple of occasions where I’ve had no choice but to address the lies being told that have involved my daughter. Before posting this, I have spoken with my solicitor so I’m fully aware of what can and can’t be said. Due to legal reasons, I’m very restricted."

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