Jacqueline Jossa has painted her pregnant belly like a Kinder egg

At least it’s original

jac 1

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Jacqueline Jossa must be WELL bored at the moment. She’s heavily pregnant, and it’s January. You do the maths.

So what do you do when you’re bored and pregnant? Paint your belly like a Kinder egg, of course.

Jac has been fooling around with boyfriend Dan Osbourne – cute, ain’t it? Get the “Kinder surprise pun”? Cute.

The heavily pregnant EastEnders actress has been posting lots of “I’m bored” Instagrams, including one where she’s holding an X Box controller, titled “trying to learn how to do play the Xbox #waitingaroundforbaby #bored.”

Yep, we think we get the message that Jac is sick of waiting around and wants to meet her lovely baby.

In the meantime, she’s going to have sit around and wait, like a pregnant civilian.

We suggest she gets to solving who killed Lucy Beale on EastEnders – it may even have been her character, Lauren Branning. Give us a clue, Jac.

Now we’re off to buy a Kinder egg or three. You didn’t expect us not to after looking at these photos, did you?

Yep, still pregnant


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jac 71 of 5

jac 7

Nice cake

Jac 12 of 5

Jac 1

We think Jacqueline might be having a girl... just maybe

jac 23 of 5

jac 2

How many girls does Jacqueline know? Loads, basically

jac 44 of 5

jac 4

Knock yourselves out, ladies

jac 55 of 5

jac 5

Trying to tell us something, Jac?

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