Jake Roche to release song about split from Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson

Sure, the title could be a coincidence but we doubt it

jake roche jesy nelson

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Looks like Jake Roche is about to do a classic Taylor Swift - after breaking off his engagement with Jesy Nelson from Little Mix, it seems like his band Rixton are releasing a song about a break-up. Hmm, who could that be about? Brangelina?

Posting a Soundcloud screenshot on Instagram, and simply captioning it "'tomorrow', the image showed the words 'I swear she'll be the death of me'.

The pair have, since the break-up, remained pretty silent about the whole thing - but it looks like now the silence will be broken. Through the medium of song.

"Jake has stayed silent since the split but he’s finally ready to speak his mind,” an insider told the newspaper," a source told The Sun.

"He has written a song all about his recent break-up and wants to get it out straight away. He has poured his heart into his music and needs his fans to know how he really feels."

jake roche jesy nelson

Not everyone is well chuffed with the potential decision to discuss the break-up though, with fans commenting on instagram:

"I'd ask if this is about jesy but yoU SOMEHOW LET HER GO".

Another angry fan (presumably of Little Mix) warned: "f you say anything bad about jesy ill make sure to f****** end your career," with another adding: "no one cares. stop using jesy for relevance (sic)".

Guys, there are other people in the band. It might be about one of their break-ups? Or about their mate Ian who lives down the road who happens to be also having a shocker? Sure, it's unlikely, but let's not lose our minds until the song is released today at 5pm. Then let's lose our minds.

Recently a source told The Sun Online about the split: "Their relationship became strained and they grew apart. They started rowing and it became too much.

Another added: "It's over as far as Jesy's concerned and there's no going back.

"The wedding is off and her engagement ring won’t be going back on."

Of course, Little Mix did release 'Shout Out To My Ex' so, y'know, let the games begin.


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