James Blunt and Ed Miliband are tweeting each other and the banter is rolling

What's the world come to, eh?

James Blunt and Ed Miliband

by Ruby Norris |
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In times of political uncertainty across the globe, James Blunt AKA the Twitter clapback king and Ed Miliband, politician and former leader of the Labour party, have been bantering away on social media and we can't get enough of it.

Ed recently caused a bit of a stir when he announced that he'd be taking the top job here at heat HQ. After the news broke that George Osbourne had been name Editor-in-Chief of the Evening Standard, Ed posted: "Breaking: I will shortly be announced as editor of heat magazine…."

The announcement took us all a bit by surprise and left us questioning the direction of our beloved heat mag in the future.

What would Ed have to say about our obsession with PEEN? Could we be ditching the world of celebs and become the new leading political commentators? Would heat take on BREXIT?


But it looks as though we might not have to fear for our jobs much longer as James Blunt has hinted that it was all a practical joke and he had actually taken over Ed's Twitter.

Earlier today James wrote: "It’s been such a pleasure guest-editing @Ed_Miliband's Twitter page these last couple of weeks."

And then, never one to miss on an opportunity for some hilare bants, Ed replied: "You explicitly said nobody would ever know. Hope your songs are better than your ability to keep secrets."

Lol classic Ed.

James then took this as an opportunity to plug his new album, obvs.


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