Jamie Dornan says he’s really into ladies’ hands

We’re confused too. Weird.


by Fiona Day |
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Jamie Dornan has made a bizarre confession by claiming his wife, Amelia Warner, has his ‘favourite hands’.

Yup. The ultimate heartthrob has a thing for hands.

He’s the ‘hands’ guy.

Jamie, 32, told US Glamour: "I've got a thing for great hands. My wife has my favourite hands in the world.”

He added: "Being from Northern Ireland, I'm programmed to enjoy stories, so I find it sexy if a woman can tell a funny story. And I've always found talking to someone who's achieved something that I couldn't attractive."

Jamie became a dad to his 14-month-old daughter, whilst filming 50 Shades of Grey and has not ruled out having more kids.

He told the women’s magazine: “My wife and I want more babies."

That’s cute and all, but we need to know more about the hands thing.


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Our first look at Christian Grey1 of 8

Our first look at Christian Grey

Despite Jamie Dornan playing a pretty successful businessman - one who can afford stuff like red rooms of pain and fancy cars and that - it appears he actually does no work in his office. Where's his computer? Printer? Even a photocopier used to copy the bottoms of naughty subs? All that prime commercial retail space and all he's plonked in it is a weirdly overgrown bonsai tree and an MDF desk. On the plus side, that shiny floor + spinny office chair = hella hours of fun

How many meeting areas does he need in one office?2 of 8

How many meeting areas does he need in one office?

Does he hold simultaneous meetings with two groups of people? Because that's impressive. And would explain all the money. But what's that in the far corner? A totem pole? Art? A massive sex toy?

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Inappropriately placed trombone


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Rita Ora's weird bob

Did she think she was auditioning for the Great Gatsby instead? Awkward.

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Topless Jamie Dornan

Yep. Ain't nothing wrong with this view.

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Ana's plane face

We wish we could be this excited whenever we get on an easyJet flight.

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Followed by her Red Room of Pain face


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That sofa

Followed by her 'Argh, stop tickling my feet' face. We presume that's what he's doing to her. Though we're a little concerned about the sheer amount of red pleather next to all that bare flesh. Clearly Christian hasn't thought through the consequences of this interior design theme. Yes, it's wipe-clean, but just think of the raw chafing when you finally peel your sweaty bits off that couch. Can't we interest you in a nice washable sofabed from Ikea instead?

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