Jamie Jewitt denies rumours he had a girlfriend TWO HOURS before jetting off to Love Island

He said the claims were "absolutely ridiculous."

Love Island's Jamie Jewitt

by Joanna Freedman |
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Jamie Jewitt might have been a bit of a player on E4's Taking New York, but since he's been on Love Island, you’d be pushed to call him anything other than an absolute gentleman.

He swept the people's princess, Camilla Thurlow, off her feet, boosting her self-esteem like an absolute BABE, having some super-intellectual conversations about books, and even managing to get a little one on one time in the hideaway.

So, when his ex-girlfriend, Georgia Hayden, went public claiming he dumped her a mere TWO HOURS before jetting off into the villa, you better believe our jaws literally dropped to the floor.

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Her friend told The Sun: "Jamie's a total scumbag. He's broken her heart.

"One night they were sat watching Love Island together, slagging off all the girls. Five days later he was in the villa trying to bed them. It made her feel worthless."

Jeeez. We had our suspicions Jamie was too good to be true…

But don't give up hope in men just yet. As firstly, Jamie's family denied the claims, and now the man himself has combatted the allegations against him, and he says they're "absolutely ridiculous".

Speaking to OK online, he said: "You know what, I don’t want to get into a tit for tat – she knows what happened, I know what happened and my parents know what happened."

Denying claims that Jamie and Georgia were in love, he added: "It was nothing like that – she actually called it off a couple of weeks before the show, and I think what actually happened was she got annoyed thinking I was planning on going on the show the whole time.

"It was two days notice. I got the phone call and I ended up on the show. It was literally Saturday to Monday I was on there – so I understand that after she called it off, and me going on there, she’s instantly thought that whole thing was planned."

WELL, that clears that one up then. We panicked for a second thinking this was gonna cause a JAMILLA style heartbreak all over again.

We've got all our fingers crossed that Jamie's telling the truth...


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