Jamie Jewitt explains ‘that’ heated argument with Camilla Thurlow


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Jamie Jewitt was spotted having a very heated exchange with Love Island girlfriend Camilla Thurlow this week and now he has revealed what sparked it.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, he explained that it was all over some horrible messages that Camilla had received on social media.

Jamie has explained why he and Camilla were arguing this week ©Instagram/JamieJewitt

He said: "The argument started because Camilla gets harassed and I get harassed by people saying all kinds of horrible things on Instagram, and she gets a lot of it, comments and such, and it gets too much. He continued: "That night I had a lot to do at that event, and I wasn’t being supportive and I was being off-ish and we ended up bickering, then went outside and had an argument, and I was holding her phone and I don’t want to say what I was calling these people but they frustrate the hell out of me."

Thankfully Jamie and Camilla are still in love - phew! ©Instagram/JamieJewitt

Thankfully the argument was soon over and Jamie reassured fans that the two are still very much together.

He said: "I got way too angry. It was over in seconds and we’re absolutely fine." Phew!

And if you were still worried about these two lovebirds then a spokesperson for the pair has also stepped in to reassure us.

They told Metro-co.uk: "As someone in the public eye, Camilla had been receiving negative messages and comments on Instagram and Jamie was upset as he didn’t want her to be hurt or affected by those comments.

"He was angry at the comments and how they had made her upset. But both are ok and are happy and in love."

Thank goodness for that. We're not sure we could have coped with another Love Island break up!

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