Jamie Laing weighs in on all the Love Island dramz and reveals who he’s backing to win

C'mon, Jess and Mike, did they or didn't they?!


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It's safe to say everyone in the entire world has gone a bit Love Island mad. It's literally all we can talk about in the heat office and we're currently a member of about 848848282 Love Island-based Whatsapp groups. It's practically a full-time job.

And so, whenever we get to chat to any of our celeb mates (we wish lolol) it's pretty much the first thing we ask them about.

Jamie Laing was absolutely no exception and was more than happy to spill the beans on his Love Island crushes.

See Jamie spill the beans in bed with heat below!

Turns out he's got a bit of a soft spot for Montana Brown (don't we all Jamie, hun) and Marcel Somerville (oh, OBVIOUSLY).

"My favourites are Montana and Marcel.

"[I like] Montana 'cos she’s straightforward and quite cute and Marcel, he’s just a nice guy, I think they’ll win."

Umm. Hate to break it to ya J mate, but they can't both win. Unless Marce decides to ditch Gabby Allen and couple up with Montana in some awks AF turn of events.

Love Island Montana Brown

He aslo weighed in on the whole Jess Shears and Mike Thalassitis dramz when we asked him what on earth was going on and if he thought they had slept together.

"Hmm. I don’t know, I can't tell," he admitted. "What do you think?"

We're keeping schtum. But you can read some of the latest rumours here.

We also chatted to Jamie about his Made in Chelsea castmates, and things got a little bit, erm, fruity!?

Jamie Laing

heatworld: How about we play a little game with some of your Made in Chelsea cast mates? It's summer and we're always in the mood for a cocktail so describe them as the drink which best sums them up.

OK. Alex Mytton is like a sort of, Limoncello and a Bailey’s. Because he’s sort of dark and mysterious but he has a bit of a sour note sometimes. And he's got a bit of a fruity side.

Sam Thompson is a Sex on the Beach. You think he’s gonna be nice, you think it’s gonna be sexy and great but when you actually drink it you realise it’s just rank.

Binky, she is straightforward, she is like a good white wine or a rose, you know what you’re gonna get, you know you like it.

And Frankie [Gaff] is like a daiquiri, like a frozen daiquiri, really delicious but sometimes can give you a bit of a brain freeze.

Jamie Laing
Jamie Laing features in tasteful photoshoot to launch Oasis’ new flavours, Cherry Apple Sour and Kiwi Apple Sour

Speaking of Frankie, how’s everything going with her? The last series of MIC we saw was a bit dramatic, is everything ok at the moment?

Yeah, I mean she’s a daiquiri right, so obviously, she freezes your mind but I mean, yeah we’re good.

It’s a relationship and sometimes I’m not great in a relationship because I find them tricky, but she’s amazing, she puts up with me and she’s exactly what I need in my life.

Jamie Laing launches new sour flavoured Oasis, in tongue-in-cheek campaign

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