Did Jamie Oliver just try to flirt with Lorde on social media?


by Georgia Foxwell |
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We fear so.

Everyone has been left feeling very confused at acomment celebrity chef Jamie Oliver left on Lorde, real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor’s, Instagram.

She posted the pic from Norway with some serious Jackie Kennedy vibes and the caption ‘’in oslo looking like a president’s wife or some shit.’’

And then, if you look really closely, juuuuust at the bottom, almost undetectable, you can see ol’ Uncle Jamie’s comment.

Aside from the terrible grammar, Jamie decided to refer to Lorde as babe, which is just entirely cringe and has left everyone with a million different questions.

Do Jamie and Lorde know each other?

If so, when and HOW did they meet?

Did he think he would go under the radar?

Was he just creeping on her social media like your average male?


She definitely hasn’t replied to his… friendly comment, which leads us to believe that Jamie was just being your average over-friendly dad-dude.

There’s nothing more fascinating than seeing celebrities (attempt to) interact with other celebrities online… we feel we can relate to Jamie now, being ignored and swallowed up into Lorde’s flood of comments.

That being said, they both have 5 million followers on Instagram, not bad going Jamie, not bad at all!

We aren’t quite sure why she is in Oslo, but she also tweeted that is she struggling to battle a cold.

Jamie, the poor girl is under the weather, the last thing she needs is you sliding into her DMs as well.

Lorde’s recent performance at Glastonbury inside a giant perspex box received enormous amounts of praise, with some even comparing her to the late David Bowie.

Maybe it was Lorde’s sweet vocals that won over Jamie. Or MAYBE they’re actually friends that go waaaaay back and Lorde will slip into Mr. Oliver’s comments with a similar level of over friendliness and bad grammar.

No, we don’t think so either.


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