Jamie Oliver has revealed he battles from a surprising addiction

It's not what you think


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Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, TV chef and all round pukka champion Jamie Oliver has spoken about an addiction he's been struggling with: that of not sleeping.

Revealing he's been averaging around three and a half hours a night, he opened up about the effects of not sleeping, likening it to alcohol addiction: "I got to a point this summer where I had to do something. I knew there was something wrong with me. On a fundamental level I wasn't functioning like a normal person. I'd sit down in the office, fall asleep, and start dribbling. Not pretty. Not good," he said. "I feel like I should be admitting to being an alcoholic - people get that. But my thing is not sleeping."

Having always woken up at 5am, he still struggles to stay in bed any longer - but has started making sure he's tucked in by 10pm. On top of this, he's lost two stone and has started living a lot healthier.

"'I've got healthier and I've got more energy. I'm sharper in my head and more sober in the way I think," he said.

And why was he not sleeping well before? He reckons it's probably something to do with being a workaholic.

"'I don't want to sound like a total knob but I knew I had to actually address my relationship with myself, because was what it was all about. I used to go to bed with Jools around 11 and even she thought I was going to sleep, but I'd get up, I'd be on emails, catching up till 2am."

Worth an estimated £150 million, we hope the UKs fave chef continues his healthy regimen and keeps up the good work.

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