Jay Z walks out on Beyonce before her world tour

What's going on with Jay and Bey?

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As Beyonce preps for her international Formation tour (and everyone with tickets preps for an evening of yelling, jumping and happytears) it seems that all is not well in the Jay Z/Beyonce household.

According to reports, Jay has packed up and left the marital house to have some time alone after a series of arguments.

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This comes at the height of a divorce rumour mill that won't let up - first, Beyonce was spotted without her wedding tattoo at Kelly Rowland's birthday in March 2015. Then, the pair didn't acknowledge their wedding anniversary at all on social media, which sent the internet into meltdown. And now this...

"Jay Z recently told his entire staff that he will not be needing them for another month," a source told RadarOnline.com.

"He said that he has to take care of business and has a lot of travelling to do. As Beyonce prepares for her upcoming tour, Jay Z said that he is going to use the time to take care of his own business."

No word as to what the bust-up could be about as yet, but sources have previously spilled that Jay Z is concerned Beyonce's empire is going to start eclipsing his own.

"Jay has been sweating the fact that his wife is trying to start her own empire right now and he is going into overdrive with making sure that it does not trump his own," one previously told Radar.

Or maybe it's something to do with the 'paternity' battle he's currently going through with 22-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, who is convinced Jay is his father from an affair. Not an affair outside of his marriage to Beyonce, thank God, but still - stressful, eh?

We hope the Z-Knowless sort it out soon.

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