Are Jay Z and Beyonce planning to drop an album ANY MINUTE?

They are absolute GENIUSES if this turns out to be true

Jay z and beyonce

by Hannah Mellin |
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Forget the rumours about Jay Z and Beyonce ending their marriage, because speculation is RIFE that the golden couple have already penned a collaborative album as a follow-up toBey’s OUTSTANDING Lemonade – and they’re ready to drop it on Tidal any day now.


Jay z and beyonce

Sources confirmed exclusively to the New York Post’s Page Six that their surprise album – which will answer A LOAD of unanswered questions raised by Lemonade – is ready and waiting to be released to the world.

One source said: “Jay and Beyonce were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that came up after Lemonade. It’s more their style to respond through music.”

Considering the fact Beyonce is currently in the midst of her Formation world tour, the pair are assumed to have this double album plot waiting in the wings for a while.

Which just strengthens the torrent of rumours that the whole 'Jay Z is a massive cheat' thing was an EXTREMELY clever PR and marketing stunt – probably the best one of all time, TBH.

Maybe we’ll FINALLY be able to find out the identity of Becky with the good hair?

Well, if she turns out to be real.

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