Jedward’s release new music video and it’s epic- WATCH

Jedward's back with a brand new invention


by Rebecca Heyes |
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Everyone just stop what you are doing right now.

Jedward have a brand new music video.

And it’s epic.

Released today for their single Oh Hell No for the film Sharknado, of which the eccentric lads have a cameo in, it is is everything you can expect from the Irish duo.

Oh Hell No!

The video begins with John and Edward Grimes having a fight.

With each other.

There’s lots of punching, pushing to the floor and tough guy ‘come at me’ gestures, with both halves of the singing sensation sporting interesting leather jackets with spike detailing.

Most importantly however, Jedward have flat hair.

Not a pineapple ‘do in sight.

And we’re not sure we’re ok with that.

More news!

The single itself is very X Factor live show week 6 2009, bringing back a haunting reminder of Jedward’s cover of Ice Ice Baby.

What a time to be alive!

We love a bit of vintage X Factor.

So have a watch, the boys are back.

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