Did Jemma Lucy get REVENGE on Charlotte Crosby by bedding Gary Beadle?

And will Gaz ever keep his parsnip in his pants?

Jemma Lucy

by Georgina Terry |
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Revenge is a dish best served with parsnip.

If you're a wannabe reality TV star and want to enact TERRIBLE REVENGE on your love rival, it seems.

Jemma Lucy appears to have got one over on *Geordie Shore'*s Charlotte Crosby by getting under Gaz Beadle during filming of the next series of Ex On The Beach.

If you don't remember Jemma, she was the mega-tattooed one from Ex On the Beach 3, who slept with Kirk Norcross and said he had a huge penis, then when he dropped her for Vicky Pattison Jemma claimed that actually his penis is actually very small.

And who was the sort-of ex of Marty McKenna now of Geordie Shore. Do keep up.

And it appears that Jemma's made quite a return to Ex On The Beach by bedding the man who will bed literally any woman with a working hole, Gaz.

Slow clap.

But why would Jemma sleep with a man who was apparently making a go of things with Charlotte?

'Airtime', springs to mind.

And sweet, sweet revenge.

Back in January, Jemma accused Charlotte of stealing her man, David Hawley, after pictures appeared of the two of them looking very cosy together on a night out on the Toon.

Jemma tweeted: "She nicked my fella but has always been pure nice to my face!

"I don't f*ck about ! I'm the nicest girl ever until I get pushed then that's it sorry."

It may have taken four months, but reports from Thailand (where Ex On The Beach 5 is set) suggest that Jemma has got her own back.

Well done, everybody. And we are very much including Gaz in that.

Now take a look at everyone who's rumoured for the next series of Ex On The Beach. Go on.


Ex On The Beach 5 rumours

Gary Beadle naked selfie1 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram

Gary Beadle naked selfie

Gaz Beadle is more of a dead cert than a rumour TBH.

Jemma Lucy2 of 13

Jemma Lucy

Jemma Lucy is said to return and hook up her second Geordie Shore cast member - Gaz Beadle.

Sam Reece3 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram

Sam Reece

One of the most-talked about men of early 2016 (by us at least) - Sam Reece.

heat meets Scotty T and Olivia Walsh of Ex On The Beach 44 of 13

heat meets Scotty T and Olivia Walsh of Ex On The Beach 4

We've seen EOTB4's Olivia Walsh on Jemma Lucy's Instagram in a setting that looks very EOTB5. Call us Marple.

Stephen Bear5 of 13

Stephen Bear

Oh please let Stephen Bear be going back. Please, please, please.

Toff totty: Spencer Matthews6 of 13

Toff totty: Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews is basically going to be rumoured for everything ever.

Jordan Davies7 of 13

Jordan Davies

Now Jordan Davies is no longer with Megan McKenna we think he'd be quite a hit with the ladies.

Deano Baily8 of 13

Deano Baily

Deano Baily from Ibiza Weekender is perfect Ex On The Beach fodder.

Imogen Townley9 of 13

Imogen Townley

Imogen Townley from Ibiza Weekender could be this series' Megan McKenna. Just sayin'.

Lillie Lexie Gregg10 of 13

Lillie Lexie Gregg

It's surely time Lillie Lexie Gregg told her side of the Gaz Beadle story.

Abigail Clarke11 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram

Abigail Clarke

We've seen a lot of former TOWIE Abigail Clarke lately, which has set our Spidey senses a-tingling.

Caroline Pope12 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram

Caroline Pope

After those Jeremy McConnell cheating rumours, we'd love to see Caroline Pope spill the beans on EOTB.

Melissa Reeve13 of 13
CREDIT: Instagram

Melissa Reeve

Not even slightly annoying Melissa Reeves is said to be back Back BACK.

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