Jemma Lucy gets NAKED on Instagram


Jemma Lucy

by Polly Foreman |
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The eagle-eyed among you have spotted that that we at heat are pretty partial to the peen. So partial, in fact, that we've brought you Alex Bowen's (ENORMOUS peen), Lewis Bloor's (ENORMOUS AND HAIRLESS peen), Gary Beadle's (ENORMOUS parsnip) and many, many more.

We thought we brought you Justin Bieber's one time, but it turned out it wasn't his.

That was a sad day.

But nekked celebrations shouldn't just be reserved for the peen, and baring all is for everyone who fancies it.

And the latest to join our naked celeb list is Jemma Lucy, who uploaded a starkers pic to Instagram.

Wanna see?

Jemma Lucy


She's meanwhile seemingly having an absolute whale of a time skipping around the country with Stephen Bear.

We know this because Bear has been snapchatting the whole thing.

Stephen Bear Jemma Lucy LS

They hung out in the pool, the bedroom, had a weird couple caviar session, hit DA CLUB, and dyed Bear's hair a lovely shade of blue.

Shockingly, all this acting in lurrrrve, filming it and showing it to the nation gave people the idea that they were together.

To this, Jem tweeted angrily: "Can I please state that bear is my very good friend and that's it! WE ARE NOT DATING why can't two people be close mates without all this [sic]."

We're kinda relieved they aren't together, given that we still hold onto sad, fragile strands of hope that he'll get back with Chloe Khan.

But it looks like she's moved on from him in a BIG way, tweeting earlier: Everyone telling me who they think I am/ should be dating . F*ck I just want a 3way relationship with @DaRealAmberRose and @BLACCHYNA 2M2A?"


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